QMC Associate Director

James Glasbrenner

James Glasbrenner is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computational and Data Sciences at George Mason University. Prior to joining the Mason faculty in 2016, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) through the National Research Council Research Associateship Program. At NRL, he investigated how competing exchange mechanisms drive structural and magnetic phase transitions across multiple classes of materials, including the iron-based superconductors, the dilute magnetic semiconductors, and in noncollinear magnetic metals, using first-principles calculations and magnetic models. He received his Ph.D. in physics in 2013 from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, where he researched the thermodynamics of itinerant exchange models and using first-principles methods to investigate electronic transport in magnetic systems at finite temperatures. He received his bachelor’s degree in physics with a minor in English in 2006 at Lebanon Valley College, where he participated in a summer research program and contributed to a research project on three-qubit entanglement. He has published papers in high-impact journals, such as Nature Physics, Physical Review Letters, and Physical Review B, and has delivered numerous presentations at national conferences, including an invited talk at the 2015 American Physical Society March Meeting. His honors and awards include the NRC/ASEE Postdoctoral Research Publication Award and the 54th Midwest Solid State Conference Poster Award.